42 Albion Street
Merchant City
G1 1LH
0141-552 8332

9th Jan 2011

We love, love, love this restaurant. In fact we can't get enough of the gorgeous tapas served up here. An unusual eating idea - you're presented with a printed layout of your plate and asked to choose up to three main dishes and two starters. It then all comes at once. Like five little small dishes combined to make one main one. It's a great concept, naturally, because it means you get a variety of tastes and textures to choose from. It's a bit like going to an Indian buffet only the waiters bring it for you rather than you having to go back and forth. And talking of the waiters, the service here was excellent. In fact, the manager even approached our table, keen to learn our opinion of the fish starters as they'd just changed their supplier and wanted to know if they'd made the right decision. They had, the shrimp was meaty, tender and well, delicious. We're a bit thick and had to have the waiter explain the selection choices to us a couple of times. He did so as pleasantly the second time as the first. Prior to the meal being brought to us we were supplied with a special drink of lemon and water to cleanse our pallet - a nice touch we thought. You get the idea, because of the abundance of vegetables and salady bits, that the food you're eating here is nutritious and the meals well thought-out. This is no stodge-fest.

Decor-wise, many of the seats are divided off into bays which lends a private feel. The lighting is pretty subdued too so if you're looking for intimate, yes it would work here.

We had a nice chat with the waiter about the origins of the restaurant, Indian of course, and the family history behind it. But we're not going to share it with you. You'll have to go and find out yourself. We will absolutely be returning here.