La Tasca

39-43 Renfield Street
G2 1JS
0141-204 5188

9th Jan 2011

What really puts me off this place is the fact you can't book in advance. On a Friday or Saturday night you can be hanging around for 40 minutes just waiting for a table. You're 'invited' to take a drink at the bar but the prices aren't cheap and you can find yourself jostling for elbow room and shouting your order at flustered bar staff in order to be heard above the din of Spanish dance music which is being belted out from an array of speakers dotted throughout the restaurant.

So...we've established you can't hear yourself think. Next complaint is the monotony of the dishes. They're pretty unimaginative in some cases and a bit bland to boot (considering it's a Spanish tapas bar where the food should be well, not exactly hot, but fiery).

The restaurant is pretty big so, on a busy night such as weekends, don't expect to get served quickly.

The resturant sits on Glasgow's busy Renfield Street and a big criticism is that management allow certain ethnic types in to hustle tables in order to sell their wares such as a single red rose.

It's not all bad though. On the plus side, the atmosphere is good if it's a fun night out you're looking for and I know of a Spanish Night Class teacher (from Seville) who insists on taking her class here at the end of every term. I suppose native approval must go for something!