Cafe Andaluz

2 Cresswell Lane
G12 8AA
0141-339 1111

9th Jan 2011

For those seeking a quiet romantic meal in intimate surroundings, Cafe Andaluz is not for you! This popular West End eaterie is all things Spanish - and that includes the party atmosphere. It's noisy (not just the music but the chat, as it's usually fully booked), can be chaotic at times, and great for a fun night out. It's especially good for office parties and big birthdays. The waiters more often than not tend to be mediterranean (if not Spanish) which lends to the feel of the place.

In terms of the food, if you can't be bothered choosing what to eat - and believe us, there's quite a selection - then just order a huge paella for the entire table (but we insist you order starters first as the paella could take 30 minutes to prepare fresh in the kitchen).

This restaurant serves mainly tapas (mini meals) from prawns in sizzling hot olive oil seasoned with fresh chillies to a sweet apple and onion chutney nestling on a slice of Andalucian black pudding and battered chicken coated in Spanish honey and mustard. Three tapas per person is enough and leaves plenty of room for a must-have sweet and liqueur coffee afterwards.

Its sister restaurant in St Vincent Place has a similar atmosphere and menu but is smaller and a bit more cramped in comparison to the West End venue.